For women who want their eyes to be in the forefront, we investigated the techniques that can be done with makeup. Here are the makeup techniques that make your eyes look great ….

Makeup techniques are very important. For example, with the right makeup technique, you can make your eyes look bigger than they are, and you can even make eye-catching eye-catching. Here are the makeup techniques that show your eyes great …

1-Eyeliner rides

Women with low eyelids should not wear eyeliner. This method makes your eyes look smaller than it is. If you say ‘no eyelids do not make up’, you can start from the middle of your eyes to the end with a thin line.

2- Mascara

If you want your small eyes to appear, apply mascara to the middle of your eyelashes. Long and curved eyelashes will make your eyes look lighter and bigger.

3- Eyebrow

Thick eyebrows always show your eyes bigger than they are. You can fill your eyebrows with a headlight and fill the gaps and scan the eyebrow comb from bottom to top.

4-Headlight selection

The selection of your headlight should be in favor of light tones. Light gray or luminous light brown tones will be an ideal choice.

5-Under Eye Concealer

If you have bruises or brown rings under your eyes, you should definitely cover them with a ton of light-colored skin. This method helps provide a bright eye area.

6- Pencil into the eye

Finally, if you want an eye-catching eye make-up must always have a white eye on the inside of your eye.


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