We offer you ideas for the bathroom. You will have creative and easy ideas to enhance your bathroom and increase ease of use as well as enjoy each other Hem

You can create wonders with your own ideas for the bathroom. You can create storage areas for your towels, personal care tools or small sized items, beautify your washing machine or have a brand new bathroom mat. Moreover, it is extremely easy and with low costs dokunuş You can enjoy with the little touches and make room for different ideas in your bathroom. Here are your own ideas for a different and creative bathroom…

The old pot?

Among the old cooking pots, do your own ideas for the bathroom. By saving an old saucepan from trash, you can turn it into a wonderful basket in your bathroom. Moreover, at an extremely low cost. Coat the rope with the rope you can find from the hardware store, a wonderful basket for your towels!

Soft mop

What you need is the carpet, non-slip mat, scissors and old towels maz Cut the old towels into strips of your own length and knot them. Your environmental and organic mat is ready to use. Moreover, you can easily wash in the washing machine.

A brand new mirror

No need to buy an expensive frame for your mirror. You can use bead or different stones in this project as well as from glass mosaic plates in construction markets. You can have a stylish mirror with the ideas you make for the bathroom.

Where are the makeup brushes?

When you’re doing makeup, you’ll end up looking for brushes through the bag… You can fill some pebbles into a glass jar and create a great space for make-up brushes. You can reach your make-up brushes very easily, as well as a stylish accessory for the bathroom.

It’s like it’s on the beach.

These mats will make you feel like you’re on the beach when you get out of the bathroom. You will have a different and fun bath mat with the stones you will stick on the carpet.

Glass jars

A different project between the bathroom’s own ideas for the bathroom eler Mount the glass jars using pipe clamps on a plate. The idea of a wonderful storage for cotton, toothbrushes, ear-cleansing cotton and any kind of junk you can easily reach in the bathroom,


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