Before and After: We bring the story of the transformation of the kitchen. The old and worn-out kitchen is re-constructed with green, lean and natural lines. Inspired by decorating ideas Before and After: The transformation of the kitchen had a great journey.

Before and After: The story of the transformation of the kitchen is focused on environmentalist and intelligent approaches. The dark appearance of the kitchen, where the strong connection with the backyard and dining room was established, was replaced by a bright and spacious feel.

White, worn kitchen cabinets, floors, windows and doors were dismantled. A wooden door with a large window was constructed to strengthen the connection with the backyard. At the same time, the window is also chosen as a woodworker. Wooden shelves strengthened the sense of natural kitchen. On the floor, oak parquet was used to create natural blue kitchen cabinets. In all the elements of the kitchen, the environmentalist approach was maintained by using robustness and long-lasting materials. At the same time the kitchen is designed in a highly convenient way with intelligent decorating ideas. The kitchen has plenty of storage space. There is also a breakfast bar in the niche area where the kitchen counter ends. They were transformed into a buffet with shelves.

The kitchen sink is located just in front of the wooden window. Raw wooden shelves are placed on both sides of the window. Blue cabinets and wood provided a magnificent combination. The walls of the kitchen is painted with peanut green, blue cabinets and wood strengthened the natural appearance. Each space in the kitchen is used as a storage space with intelligent applications. A short wall next to the door was built in a walk-in closet.

Pre-Post: A wonderful kitchen with the transformation of the kitchen. Also the kitchen was integrated with the dining room with an arch wall. The crowded dining room is decorated in a refined way that blends in with the blue kitchen cabinets. Blue kitchen cabinets were placed in the dining room with a buffet of the same material and color. Thus, both the display and storage areas are increased.


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