We have 5 rules that you should know about make-up, if you know that you know right and to be wrong, maybe sometimes you have to be a little more courageous!

We all have about make-up, certain truths for ourselves, things we can and will not do. We have habits that we think are comfortable and fit ourselves, but today we are coming out of the area where we are comfortable. Yes, it is not right to draw relative, sharp boundaries about beauty, but there are also some general-pass rules. Now we leave you with the rules and the rules you have to follow for a more natural look! Thanks to quick make-up tips, you’ll be able to apply these rules quickly.

# 1 Very makeup is not always a beautiful makeup.

To apply a lot of foundation and get rid of all inequalities, keep eye make-up intense look a stunning appearance can be achieved, at the same time to make intense color lip make-up, bronze, bristle, contour to go abundantly kurtul Make-up is not actually this, you know. Very make-up in short, “I’m here!” Makeup is not actually a good thing. The main event, while bringing beauty to the forefront in a natural way, is deftly concealing the flaws. No matter how little and spot shot practice, it’s so good!

# 2 The importance of perfect brushes for perfect make-up

It is a fact that the makeup brushes have a great role in a good makeup. Yes, the best foundation is to spend money for the quality of the headlight palette, but the most important investment for a perfect make-up is to make the brushes. When you apply the right product to the right place with the best brush, you will see how different and beautiful the result will be.

#3 En iyi fondöten, seni fondötensiz gibi göstermeli!

Now we all know how bad the appearance of a heavy foundation actually stands. Folded, unevenly distributed foundations, and also the one that does not fit the skin type, the color is chosen as a nightmare. Instead, you’ll feel like your own skin when you apply it in a very good way, without exaggerating a skin-compatible foundation in both color and structure, and you’ll be amazed at how natural it looks. In fact, you should know that a lot of foundations change a lot!

#4 Bir ürünün fiyatı, her zaman onun “iyi” olduğunu göstermez.

Most of us have this perception; If a product is expensive, it is definitely good. This is a completely wrong idea, we have tried so far among the affordable products that we have tried so far, hundreds of pounds to give our products behind the drawer was enough to push. All you have to do is to give a chance to the products that you think will not meet the expectation of being affordable and to approach a product that you think will stand very well just because you are expensive. In short, according to the books cover, products according to the price evaluation!

#5 The way to beautiful makeup passes through the proper skin

We all know it very well now. Skin care is actually the first step of a beautiful and natural makeup. The better you look at your skin, the better you clean it, the better you clean it, the better your makeup will look. Previously on something scribbled on a canvas, no matter how hard it is not possible to make a perfect picture, this is the same relationship between skin cleaning and makeup.


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