If you’re ready, let’s take a close look at the most popular bridal hair models of 2019!
Summer brides here! We have researched the most popular bridal hair styles of 2019 for you. If you want to look flawless on this special day you have dreamed of for years, you should search the bridal hair models and choose the bride head hairstyle that suits you the most.

In the selection of bridal hairstyles, we recommend that you choose hairstyles that fit not only the trends but also the wedding venue and the wedding dress. Let’s start with choosing the most suitable bride head models together if you are stuck between bridal knob, braided bridal hair or ponytail bridal hairstyles.

Most popular bridal hair models

1. Natural appearance:

2019 hair naturalness comes to the fore. You can look great on your wedding day with your wavy hairstyle and elegant hair accessory. Especially if there is a coloration technique such as ombre, balahat or raffle in her hair, open bridal hair models will be the right choice for you.

The most beautiful hair is bright hair. If you want your hair to look bright and shiny, you should start hair care at least 1 month before your wedding.

2. Shake models:

SalaƟ bride head models attract attention in 2019. The bride-to-be is giving priority to the more natural-looking hairstyles instead of tight knob models. You can make your hair more bulky and bold thanks to the natural and scattered hair styles.

You can collect all the guests’ eyes in their hair on the wedding day thanks to their stony or flowered hair accessories.

3. Knitting fashion:

Knitting fashion leaped into bride hair models. If you can’t live without braids like us, you can be inspired by different braids in the style of the bride. The fishbone braid will add a modern touch to your wedding. If you can not decide when the bride’s hairstyles look at the knitting patterns, we suggest you go to the bride’s hair rehab. So you will discover the most appropriate braid in the middle.

If you are planning to do a bridal wedding, you should definitely give the braided bride a hairstyle.


4. On the neck:

If you don’t want to get away from the elegant hairstyles, you can think of a bun model on the neck. Bridal knob models are usually made of classic and elegant touches. You can look great by choosing a contrasting hair accessory to your hair color.

If you want your hair to look bright and bright on your wedding day, you must make a hair mask before your wedding. It will be the star of the wedding of the hair thanks to the hair masks that protect the hair color and make it look brighter.


5. Klasik ve Modern:

If you are planning a hotel wedding, you should look at the wedding hairstyles that combine classic and modern style. Braided knob models will be a great choice for those who will do the hotel wedding. If you want your hair to look more natural and youthful, we suggest you pull out fine strands of hair on the inside of the knob.


You can prevent a possible hair accident by carrying the hair spray alongside you during the wedding, to tell us.

6. Ponytail Hair Models

If you can’t give up the elegant hairstyles in your hair, you should think of the ponytail style. You can check your wavy ponytail hairstyles to make your ponytail model your wedding hair. Ponytail models at simple weddings or wedding ceremonies seem glamorous.

Ponytail bridal hair model is the most common back wedding dress suits. So both the back decollete and the voluminous ponytail will look flawless. You shouldn’t forget to squeeze hairspray on the ponytail to keep her hair dry all night.


7. Flowering bridal hair model

Those who are going to have a wedding wedding or a beach wedding must look at their floral hairstyles. Whatever the concept of the wedding, the bride’s hair with flowers gives an innocent and natural feel to the brides. Especially in summer or spring weddings, it will add a more elegant atmosphere to your wedding.

If you’re thinking of a beach wedding, you can wear colorful flowers in your hair. So you can reflect the color of summer in your hair. Flower hairstyles with large flowers if you wish, guests can collect the attention of their hair or small flowers can catch an innocent air. The daisies around your veil will add a fun look to your wedding.


8. Short bridal hair models

You shouldn’t be sad that your hair is short as the wedding approaches. Short hairs can easily access the bride’s hair. The most practical and useful ones in wedding hairstyles are usually short hair.

You can enrich your hair on the bob cut with flower hair accessories after you make a volume with the hair foam.

If you have pixie cut hair we recommend you use flower crown or metallic hair accessories. Wedding hairstyles for short hairstyles are very good in hair accessories. When it comes to veil selection, we recommend medium-sized veils to short-haired ones.


9. Long bride hair models

If you want to reveal the volume of your hair on your wedding day and enchant everyone with your long hair, you should prefer the half-bulk hairstyles. This hairstyle which is very good for long hair goes to every wedding concept. The thin hair accessory that you will wear between your hair will be a simple touch between your long hair.

If you want to use your long hair in different hairstyles on your wedding day, you can open your hair in the first half of the day and in the rest you can think of practical models. Later in the night, it will be difficult to dance with long hair.


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